What does it take to change the world? Just a bit of trust!

Contribute to the World Wide Web of Trust

You can recognise:

  • a person playing an important role in your personal, social or professional life;
  • a person worthy of recognition for the positive role they have played in the lives of others;
  • an organisation or a project you believe is contributing positively towards the recognition of others.

Choose as many as you wish.

Here are some suggestions: your Grandmother for teaching you cooking, a supportive colleague, a charity working with migrants, an asylum seeker, an artistic performance, an organisation providing accreditation of prior learning, a farmer for his ecological awareness, an empathic teacher, a child who walks miles to school, a group of activists for human/social rights.

The choices are infinite, you are welcome to let your ingenuity speak !

Just fill in the form below and your recognition will be made visible on a world map.

On October 14, you will be invited to transform your initial recognition into a bit of trust to explore and connect within a World Wide Web of Trust.

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The contribution is provided under the responsibility of the author who is solely responsible for its content. The personal information collected in this form is solely used to verify the source of information and contact the authors at the beginning of the #OpenRecognition Week. It will not shared with any other party than the organisers of the #OpenRecognition Week.