What does it take to change the world? Just a bit of trust!

Contribute to the World Wide Web of Trust

You can recognise:

  • a person playing an important role in your personal, social or professional life;
  • a person worthy of recognition for the positive role they have played in the lives of others;
  • an organisation or a project you believe is contributing positively towards the recognition of others.

Choose as many as you wish.

Here are some suggestions: your Grandmother for teaching you cooking, a supportive colleague, a charity working with migrants, an asylum seeker, an artistic performance, an organisation providing accreditation of prior learning, a farmer for his ecological awareness, an empathic teacher, a child who walks miles to school, a group of activists for human/social rights.

The choices are infinite, you are welcome to let your ingenuity speak !

Just fill in the form below and your recognition will be made visible on a world map.

On October 14, you will be invited to transform your initial recognition into a bit of trust to explore and connect within a World Wide Web of Trust.

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