Sol’ya. Les trésors du Mexique

Leurs projets s’articulent principalement autour de la production de la vanille du Mexique. Afin de préserver et valoriser le savoir-faire ancestral et artisanal de cette agriculture, SOLYA travaille en étroite collaboration avec une équipe de partenaires directement sur place. Leur équipe sur place travaille directement avec les producteurs (pour la plupart des communautés indigènes) afin Read more…


Julie Lalonde: A leader with heart

I would like to recognize Julie Lalonde as a person who leads with heart within the Government of Canada. Julie is the type of leader that not only recognizes the potential in people but helps to grow and nurture that potential. She is a proponent of the democratization of knowledge Read more…


Making living arts open to all

La Galerie Capazza est un lieu d’exception à Nancy mais c’est aussi et surtout une “équipe” d’exception, avec Laura et Denis, Sophie et Gérard Capazza. Ensemble ils rendent l’art moderne vivant et accessible à tous, dans tous les sens du terme. Sans jugement, sans a priori, ils vivent pour les Read more…


Vygonoshchi Fortress

The project “Vygonoshchi Fortress” is aimed at reviving the memory of World War I events and initiating dialogue about the consequences of war both for the witnesses and their descendants.


Returning Earth to Mankind and Mankind to Earth: An Ecosystemic Approach to Advocacy, Public Policies, Research and Teaching Programmes

Recognising the work of André Franciso Pilon, who’s writing and teaching on holistic ecosystems is worthy of notice. Returning Earth to Mankind and Mankind to Earth: An Ecosystemic Approach to Advocacy, Public Policies, Research and Teaching Programmes Professor, University of São Paulo; Psychologist, State Court of Justice; Director, Ministry of Read more…


Identity-Based Conflict and Cooperation

I would like to recognise Jay Rothman, Ph.D. who is a scholar and a practitioner of creative conflict engagement. Trained in international relations and group dynamics, his theoretical and applied work focuses on issues of intergroup identity-based conflict and cooperation and participatory evaluation. He is the President of the ARIA Read more…


500 Women Scientists with a mission!

I am keen to give my recognition to this marvelous grassroots initiative! Over 20,000 women of STEM and supporters from more than 100 countries have signed in support of 500 Women Scientists, pledging to build an inclusive scientific community dedicated to training a more diverse group of future leaders in Read more…


Roberto Casarotto inspiration.

Roberto is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. He connects humans from all walks of life and from all over the world, so that they may unfold and develop their creative potential. He was trained as a dancer and worked as a dancer and dance director. Read more…


Migrant Bodies – Moving Borders

Migrant Bodies develops a shared international research, focusing on identifying, developing and testing new and relevant actions for the recognition and inclusion of refugees and migrants through dance and movement based initiatives. It is wonderful to be part of this inspiring project. We see how building communities for refugees with Read more…


Badgeons la Normandie, Bageons Philippe!

Philippe is at the origin of Badgeons la Normandie, a regional initiative looking at exploiting the power of Open Badges to create a learning territory. Philippe is also a strength behind the creation of Reconnaître – Open Recognition Alliance, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to making the Bologna Open Recognition Declaration a reality. Read more…


A choreographer, a mentor, a caring artist.

Liz King deserves all the recognition possible for her contribution to dance in Austria over the last 40 years. A creator of ground breaking and often radical work, she has also been a mentor for young dancers and choreographers, recognising their individual gifts , supporting their futures. A founder of Read more…


A great dancer and a real trooper!

A great dancer, an engaged teacher, a dedicated mentor and an adventurous Grandad! Harmen Tromp has been applauded for his performances from Sydney to New York but has always recognised those less fortunate than himself. He has invested his knowledge and encouraged with enthusiasm and humility those in his care with Read more…


Elegant Tramp

I really enjoy listening that ! So let yourself be rocked too by the country songs of the first album of the band Elegant Tramp: “Paradise” AuthorPatrice PETITQUEUXLinkhttps://www.facebook.com/etramp/


Recognition of botanical painters

I want to recognise the great work done by the Society of Botanical Artists Uk whose members have striven for years to gain recognition for and promote the art of botanical painting across the world. Esther Linley AuthorEsther LinleyLinkwww.sba.co.uk