Cineca, BORD signatory

Cineca is the main consortium of italian universities. It developed Bestr in 2015 to support lifelong lifewide learning and the recognition of competencies; it was also among the first entities to sign the Bologna Open Recognition Declaration. Cineca uses Bestr Read more…

Bestr, bridging the gap

Spreading the awareness of the importance of recognition in Italy since 2015 through the leading italian Open Badge platform developed by Cineca, the main consortium of italian universities. Bestr brings together Universities, Corporate Academies, Public Administrations and association to improve Read more…

More than just a teacher

Seven years of collaboration within the middle school of Vallorbe allow me today to recognize the pedagogical skills and human qualities of Corinne ULDRY, teacher and responsible of a class for students with learning difficulties. Very committed to human values, Read more…

Elegant Tramp

I really enjoy listening that ! So let yourself be rocked too by the country songs of the first album of the band Elegant Tramp: “Paradise” AuthorPatrice PETITQUEUXLink

A keystone in my professional career

Lucien Tinnirello, with his empathy and sympathy, with his ability to identify and reveal individual skills and qualities, is without a doubt a key person in my personnal and professional career. AuthorPatrice PETITQUEUXLink

Recognition of a colleague

I recognize my colleague Fabien.  He’s a very friendly and reliable person, with whom you can work with confidence. I have been working  with him for 8 years around education and technology projects in agricultural education.   AuthorPhilippe PetitqueuxLink

Recognition of botanical painters

I want to recognise the great work done by the Society of Botanical Artists Uk whose members have striven for years to gain recognition for and promote the art of botanical painting across the world. Esther Linley AuthorEsther

ePIC 2018

Two years after publishing the Bologna #OpenRecognition Declaration (ePIC 2016) one year after exploring alternative credentials and alternative to credentials (ePIC 2017), ePIC 2018 is exploring how opening recognition technologies and practices could lead to the emergence of #OpenRecognition Ecosystems. We are looking for contributions exploring either one of Read more…