What does it take to change the world? Just a bit of trust!

Starting on October 22nd, we will be doing something never done before: charting a World Wide Web of Trust. And you can be part of it!

The  #OpenRecognition movement is actively remapping the world as a World Wide Web of Trust. We are convinced that together, by illuminating our diversity, our generosity, our aspirations, by supporting the achievements of individuals and communities across the globe, by celebrating those who deserve to be recognised, we can help to create a more inclusive and meaningful society.

The  #OpenRecognition week invites you to:

  1. Recognise and celebrate the people and organisations you trust
  2. Share a bit of trust with the people and organisations you trust

Recognise and Celebrate!

From September until October 22nd, you have the opportunity to recognise and celebrate a person or an organisation for the positive role they have played in the lives of yourself or others.

-> Recognise and Celebrate

Share a bit of trust!

Starting October 22nd, the World Wide Web of Trust will come alive and you will have the opportunity to share a bit of trust to make your talents, achievements and initiatives—and those of the people you trust—visible. You will also be able to explore the profiles of the other participants, who they trust, what they are recognised for.

-> Share a bit of trust



Who are we?

The #OpenRecognition movement originates from of a group of individuals and organisations, educators,  technologists, artists and more, who feel an imperative need for simpler, more direct and effective ways of recognising others.

We believe that by acknowledging that everybody has the power to recognise and be recognised, to trust and be trusted, whoever they are, wherever they are, that together we can activate this trust to remap the world as a World Wide Web of Trust.

#OpenRecognition Week Leading Team

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