The project called B.O.A.T gathers several education institutions that want to share and collaborate to develop tools for the recognition of people, projects, skills, places and activities based on “recognition, trust, boldness and benevolence”. Based locally, the network called “Badges Ouvertes à tous – Reconnaître en Nouvelle Aquitaine” gathers actors with national missions (like ESENESR, Réseau Canopé) as well as other types of institutions of all shapes and sizes (so far the Universities of Poitiers and Limoges, Isae-Ensma engineering school, Poitiers Rectorate, Collège Maurice Bedel), but the network aims at welcoming all stakeholders for several coordinated actions: associations, cities, science centers, etc. Based on the idea of sharing best practices, the network also aims at sharing resources, information, communication and projects to advance the tools of recognition in its regional ecosystem and to serve as a field of experimentation for national institutions.