supports first generation students through a network of volunteers. This year they are celebrating their 10-year anniversary.

Their goal is to encourage students from families without university experience to be the first to study in their families. Throughout Germany, 6,000 volunteers are involved in 75 local groups to inform schoolchildren about the possibilities of studying and to support first generation students on their way from the start of their studies to the successful completion of their studies and career entry. In Germany, the probability that a child will study can still be seen from the educational level of the parents. According to the current 20th Social Survey of the Deutsches Studentenwerk (DSW), 77 out of 100 young people, whose parents attained higher education, start a course of study. In contrast, out of 100 young people, whose parents do not attain higher education, only 23 study undertake studies.

The network supports people from this background in their journey through higher education – I would like to recognise both the coordinators of this initiative and all the volunteers supporting these new students.