We want to recognise this small but ambitious and heartwarming project.

They say:

Education equals opportunity! This is our belief and core to everything we do. There must be an end game for these children. Our goal is to cross the finish line with our students. Our objective is to deliver our students to university classrooms. A reality that is sadly just a fantasy for so many of Rio’s children. Our strategy is to combine an international curriculum of both academics and holistic well being with a “pre vestibular” focus starting at age 7. 

Project Favela operates a small school provides free educational programs to the children of the community of Tabajaras, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, delivering an intensive comprehensive education program that will create enthusiastic learners that excel in academics.

A Brazilian twist to a classic Montessori Education model for the youngest children and a “Waldorfian” approach for the older children.

The school is open Monday through Friday from 9am until 6pm, over 30 children pass through our door each day. Friday nights are Girl Empowerment Night!