In 2013, the University of Calgary formed a cross-disciplinary Recognition Steering Committee to guide the development, implementation, and ongoing review of employee recognition. The Recognition Steering Committee set out to create an Employee Recognition Strategy that aligned with the University’s Strategic Plan and values – to provide best practice recognition programs, education, and communication for all staff. The strategy focused on recognizing individual and team behaviors and achievements which support the university’s strategic goals and core values and promote a positive and respectful workplace.

In addition to the Recognition Steering Committee, there are two groups of recognition advocates across the organization to support further development and evaluation of employee recognition: local engagement or recognition committees in various faculties, schools, and departments, and the Employee Recognition Champions Network. Together with the Committee, these groups of advocates provide robust guidance to the recognition team in Human Resources. They also help develop recognition into a grass-roots culture campus-wide, build connections between different groups of employees, and create flexible and sustainable recognition programs and practices.

For its considered approach to recognition, which has been evolving since 2013, the University of Calgary was awarded the 2018 Best Recognition Program Award at the Recognition Professionals International (RPI) Annual Convention in Nashville.


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