I want to recognise the work of the association “Enfants des Andes”, born in 1992.
To cope with the consequences of the armed clashes of the 1980s and the weak involvement of the government and NGOs in this remote area, the Association built a children’s center in TINGO MARIA, Amazonia.
This center now accommodates 40 children in difficult situation. It is headed by a Peruvian team.Despite the big handicap of lack of water in the most arid region of Peru, the Association created in 2007 a center “Teaching and Solidarity” near NASCA, in the slum of Nueva Villa, where live 900 families, nearly 4,000 children.

In this center, a language school can teach French and English to people working through tourism: guides, students in tourism, merchants …

A private kindergarten and primary school was created in 2009.

A secondary school is under construction. About 130 children are attending school here.

It was founded by a Frenchwoman, Marie-Thérèse Martinez, who lives in Peru since 2000.
Esther Linley
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