I wish to recognize Sangeeta Katradi for the inspiring work she is doing world wide.

Sangeeta, founder of the Wind Dancers Trust, is a dancer-performer who developed the Katradi method, working in marginalized, underprivileged communities using the arts in education, empowerment and conflict resolution across 30 countries. For her scholarship in the arts, she has been honored with the highest national award for young dancers – the Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar. She is a Fellow of the International Institute of Conciliation, USA, and a Honorary Associate of the Nature Conservation Foundation, India. Speaking 8 international languages, she has taught in over 20 universities and international organizations.

Once you have met, seen or heard Sangeeta something deep inside you resonates with the humanness which is inherent in each one of us.
She brings through her lectures and workshops a forgotten truth about how we can relate to one another in a real and very honest way.


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