Pro Mente Burgenland does wonderful work in recognising and supporting those with special needs.

Built around wonderful houses scattered around the province of Burgenland, are day centers where people with social and mental disabilities have the opportunity to be creative.
The teams who help those attending the centers are careful to see that everyone can enjoy a creative day.
Crafts, painting and dancing are now part of their daily schedule, making a big difference to a healthy and positive outlook in general.

Their mission is to secure the fundamental rights of mentally ill people. Securing the basics of modern treatment, rehabilitation and autonomous living.
The promotion of an unbiased and non-discriminatory environment.
To support people with mental disabilities in their efforts to integrate into society and improve their quality of life.
To uphold the universal respect of human rights (Declaration of Helsinki), in particular those of people with mental illnesses and social impairments as well as the observance of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Liz king
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