Villa Boerebont in Breda is a place for young people who have been caught or threaten to be caught between two stools. The Villa is there for young people with psychological problems, behavioral problems, an intellectual disability or a combination of these. The Villa creates a safe home base with personal attention. 

Experience teaches that it is essential for every person to have meaningful daytime fulfillment. This can for example be school or (volunteer) work. Therefore the youngsters have several ways to work on their skills. Like eg. time management, cooperation with colleagues or keep your workplace clean. At the farm De Beij they can work on skills like knowledge of herbs and vegetables. At De Moer, for repairing bikes, they work on skills like cabling, solder or scouring. De Spijker is a workplace for wood material. Skills to develop here are eg. wood planing or making wood joints. In the kitchen De Moerbijt they can develop their cooking skills, like Brunoise, Julienne and Chinoise. 

I want to salute the work done here. Young people can work on what they are good at without the gatekeepers of school and be recognised for relevant skills on their way to work or school.


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