The body Focus Group is a group of local citizens who meet regularly to dance together are changing the face of prejudice

They live in rural Austria, south of Vienna.

I would like to recognise them for their ground breaking work recognising and including migrants.

This is their story:

Each member of the group brings along one or two refugees who live nearby in the surrounding villages.

When we dance we listen to our instincts and allow our body to direct us naturally.

We have been dancing together for 7 years and have made many friends in this time.

We not only dance together but we teach our friends German and share our cultures.

After our dance lesson we eat together, each person bringing a speciality from their country for us to enjoy.

Over this time we see that through the dance we have learned to respect ourselves and each other.

Therefore many of our refugee friends have been able to successfully start a training in a trade or profession and contribute to the province and to the community.

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