What does it take to change the world? Just a bit of trust!

Starting on October 14, we will be doing something never done before: charting a World Wide Web of Trust! And you can be part of it! How does it work?

Simply share a bit of trust  with someone you trust. When the other party accepts your invitation, you both receive a copy of the bit of trust . Another copy is added to the World Wide Web of Trust connecting you and the people you trust, across the world.

The more people you share a bit of trust  with, the richer your profile becomes. For that you can create different kinds of bits of trust eliciting different dimensions of your life: interests, experiences, etc.

The more you do to encourage others to add their own bit of trust  the stronger our Web of Trust will be.

What next?

  • You will receive a World Wide Web of Trust Co-Founder commemorative medal
  • Your talents, achievements and initiatives will be visible on the World Wide Web of Trust
  • You will be able to see the profiles of the other participants: who they trust, what they are recognised for
  • You will be able to discover other people’s talents, achievements and initiatives

To start sharing bits of trust 
come back October 14

in the meantime…

recognise and celebrate!